that moment

There is a moment, where you become aware of the breath that you’re taking, after a good laught or cry or any other moment of truly living. You’re aware that you’re alive and that it’s good – it’s totally satisfying – you feel so close to Jesus because you’re so aware that He’s given you life. That moment only lasts a moment – maybe a moment and a half – but it leaves a lasting impression. It makes you want to live life to its fullest all of the time; to truly live for Jesus… To break free of monotony and sin and bondage and apathy. Only in Jesus can you have the hope of doing such things. Only by the power of the Holy Spirit in your life can such a thing be accompished.

You breathe, and have your moment and thank God for His involvement in your life. Because other people have moments too – but they don’t know Jesus – they live for themselves. They know that something or someone more is out there but they aren’t satisfied. They’re not free, nor can they ever be free, because they rely on their own strength and power. That moment makes them more sad than satisfied, and far from God, rather than close. Their heart yearns for a Saviour, yet at the same time it rejects the Saviour.

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