suitcase, passport and visa, sandals and “Where There Is No Doctor”

I bought my suitcase for my trip today. I’ve never owned a “suitcase” before. Yes a duffel bag and yes a travel back pack…. But never a suitcase. So it sits here in my room, crowding things up a bit. It’s kind of exciting actually – not the suitcase itself, but what it stands for… That I’ll be going soon.

My passport is in transit, as I type, to the embassy in Ottawa to “pick up” my visa that has already been granted to me. It’s always a little un-nerving to have your passport out of your clutches. Once, when I was in Asia, I crossed into a country by foot, across a bridge, and I had to hand in my passport at an office in that city. It was to prevent people from leaving the country in a different way… Anyway, I know it is exactly the type of thing you’re NOT supposed to do, but …. Things work differently in other countries. Well, three weeks later, I arrived back in that city, to collect my passport, before proceeding into the original country, and surprise!!!!…. It was still there. 🙂 Random story.

Two other purchases this week. I bought a pair of sandals that were basically everything that I was looking for: black, dressy, with a heel strap, comfortable to walk in, no/low heel. To be honest they’re not the daintiest looking sandals, but really… I don’t think I’ll find anything better. My other purchase was “Where There Is No Doctor.” Somebody had reccommended it to me – although now I can’t recall who that was. It covers EVERYTHING. Literally everything. If I need to help somebody deliver their baby, I’ll just pray and … follow those directions??? Okay. Maybe not. But at least it’ll be a help when I, or somebody around me gets Dengue fever and I’ll know that it’s not such and such a disease. 🙂 But there will be doctors in Thailand so I’ll be fine. 🙂 Plus God will help me no matter where I am.

Things are definitely coming together. I handed in my two weeks notice yesterday. Not that I’m leaving London in two weeks, but I’d like to have some time before I leave where I can somewhat freely make appointments/dates/meetings/etc. without trying to juggle it around my work schedule.

Back to the packing thing, I’ve been thinking about what books I should bring with me. I’ve chosen a few definite ones so far, but I’m not planning on bringing that much in general with me to Thailand, so I need to be cautious about what I do bring… Stuart McLean’s “Vinyl Cafe” – just because it makes me laugh a lot… particularly the story about Galway the Cat and when Dave decides to toilet train it. And it’s Canadian. And it reminds me of my family and some of my friends from SBS. “What’s So Amazing About Grace?” by Philip Yancey – excellent book to read and re-read; refreshing to be reminded of God’s grace. “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret” as he sets a great example in serving in ministry and the necessity of prayer and time with God. My “Strong’s Concordance” and maybe my Zodhiates. Not sure what else at this point.

One thought on “suitcase, passport and visa, sandals and “Where There Is No Doctor”

  1. I’m reading an old (1912),but profound book “Missionary Methods: St. Pauls or Ours?”. Might be worth taking to read on the plane. You can still find the 1956 reprint in some places.


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