On Saturday I met a friend for lunch downtown at Covent Garden Market, and later, as we wandered around the building I found it… Brewer’s yeast. Also known as Nutritional Yeast, this stuff, when mixed with margerine and drizzled over popcorn is sooooo tasty. I learned about it during my time with YWAM in Turner Valley, from my friend Jessica – who learned about it from YWAM in Lakeside, Montana. When using good tasting brewer’s yeast, it adds almost a ‘meaty’ taste to the popcorn… which sounds gross but strangely isn’t. Many a friend of mine (usually guys) complain about the smell and how it’s similar to bad smelling feet. For some reason most guys don’t like brewer’s yeast on popcorn, where I’d say most girls do. Just imagine when I saw this stuff on sale at the shop!!

My plan was to force (nicely) my friends J and K to try it while we watched Lord of the Rings. Unfortunately, things turned ugly when the brewers yeast was mixed with the melted margerine. Or I guess I should say they tasted ugly… if you can in fact say that… I don’t know what was wrong with this brewer’s yeast but it was unlike anything I’d tasted before. And then the disappointment. J bravely tried some along with me but opted instead for dipping her popcorn in Frank’s hot sauce (not too bad actually). And K stayed as far away as possible from the concoction. Oh well.

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