I am exuding garlic. I’m not kidding – it’s to be expected but a little ridiculous.

A few of my dear friends (who also appeared in my last post) took me out to a fantastic restuarant in London called Garlics. And, needless to say, we ate garlic. Garlic in the appetizer, main course (where J and K offered some extra roasted garlic cloves to me) and we had the option of garlic (in the form of ice cream! eww!) for dessert, but didn’t have any room left. We knew that this would be a consequence of eating so much garlic, but it was a risk and a suffering that we were prepared to take and experience. đŸ™‚

The people group (the Thai-yai) that I’ll eventually be working with in northern Thailand love garlic and put it in a lot of their food. Apparently, during garlic harvest in that region, the whole valley smells of garlic. I’m thankful that I actually like garlic! I heard of a missionary couple who’d lived in that same region a few decades ago who actually disliked garlic very much, and found it challenging especially during harvest time!

My mom and sister made a big deal out of the garlic fragrance that followed me around the house tonight. I want a shower, but I don’t think that’ll solve my problem. It’ll just keep coming out of my pores…. And I’m due to go back to Garlics on Thursday for dinner with my sister and two of our cousins!

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