where’s that song thaew?

So I’ve been in Thailand for … 6 days I think. I’m still recovering from jet lag. For some reason I barely (hmmm… jet lag?) slept the first few days. I was certainly tired but… no or little sleep. That problem’s over now – but I’m pretty tired still.

F and I flew up to Chiang Mai on Saturday, and the next morning I went to an inter-tribal church; I saw someone I knew on the way there and also in the service. That seems to happen a lot in a place like Chiang Mai, where soooooo many missionaries make their home. It’s kind of nice to bump into these people though.

Later on Sunday I met up with some Turner Valley folk – so good to see K and B. The picture was taken while we’re waiting for a song thaew to drive by to pick us up. We had to wait ages…

We’re all in town for the same purpose – a two and a half day meeting which has been going well and I’m glad that I was able to make it.

I had to go to immigration today to get a re-entry permit. Mission accomplished and I was very thankful that it went so smoothly – the Lord is my Helper for sure.

Sorry for the fragments of sentences. I think I need sleep.

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