who needs a cup when you can have a bag?

I’ve noticed a theme happening throughout my blog. It hasn’t been intentional but ‘food’ seems to keep coming up rather frequently… Hmm…. and here’s yet another one….

F and I took a Thai cooking class today and Yui, our teacher, took us to the market to show us what the ingredients look like there. After leading us around, Yui gave us a few minutes to look around on our own (F and I bought some mangosteen) and she went to buy a lime slushy, made by a lady at the market. This led to almost our entire class getting their own lime slushy… 10 baht for the slushy in a bag or 15 baht if you had it in a cup. Who needs a cup?

The cooking class was great – a must for anyone coming to visit me in Thailand. Yui (pronouced like “you-e”) ran this cooking school (A Lot of Thai), along with her husband, Kwan, and son, Sid. Sid, we were told, is the general manager. He entertained F and I on the way to the school in their VW van, but later on had a tough day when his lego boat fell apart and he couldn’t be consoled. Tough day for a 3 year old general manager.

Tomorrow is our last full day in Chiang Mai before flying on to Singapore on Monday for orientation course. I’ve never been there before but a lady I met last week, who’s from Singapore – actually a member of a church who’ve adopted the Thai-yai – told me about black pepper crab and how great it is…. I think another food entry may be on its way. 🙂

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