some things I’ve noticed

Here are a few things that I’ve noticed since I arrived here in Singapore:

1. Singapore is very orderly.

I think that people who are left-brained must’ve helped plan the city and things such as the transportation system. There are a lot of people here and yet it’s not mass confusion. I continue to be amazed (and appreciative) at how organized everything is. And clean!

2. Singapore is a fun place to watch a movie.

A few of us went to go see the “Fantastic Four” (which wasn’t very fantastic) and it was made so much better because of those viewing the film. Every time there was a joke (whether good or bad) everyone laughed really loudly. Their laughter created a fun atmosphere and made the whole experience that much more enjoyable. It reminded me of watching movie or doing some sort of activity with a child (like going to the zoo or to a beach for example) – their joy and excitement

3. There is an insane amount of advertising being thrown at you from every direction.

it’s a little overwhelming. I’ve been experiencing information/media overload.

4. It’s wise to always carry an umbrella with you.

Enough said.

5. Little India is not the best place to visit on a Sunday evening if you’re a woman.

This is the night every week when thousands of single Indian men from Sri Lanka or somewhere else, who are working in Singapore get an evening off. It is well known that these men come to Little India, to hang out and drink beer. This is what V’s Lonely Planet said and I can vouch that it appeared to me to be accurate. Needless to say, it was a tad uncomfortable to be there. But the food at the restaurant we went to was very tasty. (side note: yet again the food topic!)

6. I miss Thailand!

One thought on “some things I’ve noticed

  1. Hey Beth!! i read all your blogs 🙂 they’re so interesting!! i’m leaving in a week for camp and i was thinking about being homesick and stuff. but then i thought of you who’s gone for 4 years!! and i read you’re thing about God’s purpose and it really helped!! pray that God will use me there! i’ll mail you something when i get home! ooh yeah and the next toronto trip is leaving tomorrow!! first one i haven’t been on! but i’m excited for all the new people going!!God Bless!


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