settling in my new place

Well I arrived in Lopburi on Tuesday – this is the place where I’ll be living for the next year or so, and is located about 2 hours north of Bangkok. It’s so strange and good to finally be unpacking. This is my home. I pray that it would really become my “home” in many ways and that I would continue to become comfortable and at home in Thailand. Right now I feel tired – mostly due to a cold that I acquired as I landed in Bangkok. Grrrr….

I’m sharing this town house with F, and our place is pretty great. Our neighbours are friendly, a security guard for our road (it’s a dead end), we have air-con each of our bedrooms, a hot water heater (device on the wall) for our shower and we have a western style toilet. Luxury!! The last three things in my list I was definitely not expecting, but I’m definitely thankful for these treats! And we even have some “pets” that we’ve provided a few small little “motels” for in the kitchen… 😉 “They’re part of living in Thailand,” so I keep being told and I did know that. And I know there’s so much more…. And I know that they’re just one of the things that I’ll have to adjust to.

I had “chicken suki” for dinner tonight down by the “candle” round-about. There’s a little area where food stands set up each night. D showed F and I around the “Sra Geow” market before dinner – pointed out the good stores and stalls to go to. And F and I bought a picture of the King and Queen of Thailand. Our house didn’t already have one up and it’s a good idea to put one up.

August 12th is Mother’s Day in Thailand – it’s on that day because it’s the Queen’s birthday. Father’s day is in December on the King’s birthday. The language school will be having a special session on the 12th, where we’ll be sharing what we do on Mother’s Day in the country that we come from – in Thai if possible… which is not possbile for me yet. The man two doors down from my home, who has a little store in the front of their place, was sure that I could speak Thai in 3 months…. I am really looking forward to being able to communicate here. I was thinking the other day that I didn’t think I could cope being here long term, if I stayed at my current level of communication with the Thais… But then I realized (don’t ask me why I didn’t come to this conclusion earlier – I’ll blame it on my cold) that I will be learning the language, etc. (huge sigh of relief)

I bought a bike yesterday. It looks like the style out of the 1950’s, and it’s red… with a basket in front… and a seat in the back for someone to sit there (there are even little feet rests for that person who dares to sit on the back!). And it only has one gear. I did have many choices in the bike shop but to be honest, I kind of like this old style – it’ll make wearing a skirt and riding my bike a very easy thing. Now as long as I can remember to stay on the left hand side of the road I’ll be fine. 🙂

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