How to Use 1 Kilogram of Cucumbers Before They Go Bad

1. Laugh at yourself for buying a whole kilo of cucumbers.
2. Slice some up to go along with your dinner, to help deal with the spice factor of your dishes (and your adjusting pallet).
3. Invite some friends over for dinner (what’s on the menu???).
4. Make some into a cucumber salad.
5. Talk about using some to make Tzitziki (sp?) sauce/dip. But then realize that you don’t have any pita bread (or anything close) to eating it with the dip, and it just doesn’t seem as tasty anymore without it. [Note: I do realize that this point doesn’t actually help get rid of any, but this point was part of the cucumber process.]
6. Bring some for mid morning “snack” at your language school
7. Make some more cucumber salad for fellowship group.
8. Shake your head at yourself for buying a KILOGRAM of cucumber and be thankful that it wasn’t the KILOGRAM of eggplant that you really had intended to purchase.
9. Cut off some of the soft parts (that have now developed), thereby using up more cucumbers.
10. Look at the remaining few (FEW!!!) that sit in a bowl in your fridge, and come up with more ideas of how to use up the cucumbers. And then again, shake your head at yourself and laugh at your over zealous market experience (actually using Thai though!).

3 thoughts on “How to Use 1 Kilogram of Cucumbers Before They Go Bad

  1. Hmmm…a whole kilogram of cukes, eh? How about pickling some of them…then you could have a kilogram of pickles! Well, less than a kg. because you’ve eaten so many already;)


  2. They actually would’ve been the perfect size for pickles. And I did think about making them into pickles. But I didn’t know how, and figured I didn’t really have time. But I’m sure they had good pickle potential. 🙂


  3. Cook the cucumber with potatos and add one sweet potato and cook with some spices and fresh herbs. When they are softly cooked, cream them into a soup. You can freeze it and use it for a long time.


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