I know I’m not in Canada anymore when I…

…wait until the light goes on in the kitchen before I enter, to ensure I don’t step on a cockroach.

…make sure the lid is down over the stove top, so that the creature poop is easier to wipe off (rather than it get in the burner area).

…make sure that the kettle doesn’t have anything extra except water inside before I put it on the stove to boil.

…drive on the left hand side of the road.

…get excited about eating bread.

…am puzzled how to get pay phones to work… the same method doesn’t work for each pay phone.

…pile my bags of groceries in my bike’s basket, and hanging from the handle bars.

…buy a kilogram of cucumbers. Both my roommate and I were there purchasing these cucumbers. What WERE we thinking?

…spot a “Disco bus” in town (which is blaring loud rock music) and am told you can take these buses to Bangkok, etc.

…stare at “farang” (foreigners) in town. “Look at them,” I think. “Farang…” [I too am a “farang” but they’re a rare sight here. Not many tourists come to Lopburi this time of year (so I’m told). So the farang who live here are either Christian missionaries, Mormon missionaries, English teachers, or Thai language students.

…will buy sausage wrapped in pastry dipped in ketchup from the Northern Thai lady, who generally just sells chicken, because she’s so nice. “Aroy maak,” she says as she points to the little sausages. (“Really tasty.”) I’ll only eat sausage for her. I can just picture the faces of those of you who know me and how “fond” I am of sausage. Only for the “chicken lady.”

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