word of the weekend

tÈngngaan – to marry, be married

On Saturday I went to a wedding. It worked out very well with my Thai lessons, because towards the end of last week I learned the verb that’s mentioned above – to marry or to be married. The up-coming wedding gave my teacher and I something we could talk about. Not that we have trouble conversing in class. I love the fact that I actually can communicate more and more with her, and feel as if we’re just visiting, and I’m learning Thai in the process… Anyway, that’s a tangent.

Shortly after arriving here in Lopburi, it was suggested that a few of us new arrivals should help out with an English Club that’s held every Thursday afternoon. G and C had been helping run it, along with Pok and A, and it was being held at Pok and A’s future house (they were the couple who got married this Saturday). So after only going to this English Club for a few weeks, we were invited to the wedding. 🙂 A new cultural experience! I’d never been to a Thai wedding before.

Well it was definitely a Thai wedding and definitely a Christian wedding, but it was very western. It was great to be a part of the festivities. I couldn’t understand much, except for the odd word, and the fact that I knew that they were getting married. But a great time nonetheless. There was a huge downpour during the outside dinner. But people happily ran with their tables underneath some sheltered areas, and just kept on eating. It made for an exciting evening that’s for sure.

Probably one of my favourite parts occurred the next day, at Pok and A’s church. As is often normal in many churches in Thailand, there was a time in the service during which people could share testimonies. Some members of various congregations are known for getting up every week and saying the same thing each week. Basically how amazing God is. And why shouldn’t that be repeated? He is amazing past, present and future and definitely worthy to be praised. Well, back to Pok and A’s church. A number of people got up to share about the wedding and how thankful they were that God led Pok and A to get married. One of Pok’s friends remembered when Pok shared the gospel with A many many years ago, how the Lord had been at work in A’s heart and he’d accepted Christ, and eventually how the two of them were led into a relationship, and then marriage. Pok’s friend was so thankful for how God arranged all of that. That was a great testimony to hear, and if I hear it again in future weeks, I won’t mind a bit. Praise be to the Living God who is Sovereign in every aspect of life.

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