one lone sandal

one lone sandal
Originally uploaded by squeth.

After dinner and a nice relaxing evening, George and Mindy and I
stepped outside to go home. Unfortunately Jan and Jose’s neighbour’s
dog had taken my other flip flop. 😦 What can you do? We searched
for a little while for it, but it was so dark outside and difficult to
see. So I literally had to hop in George and Mindy’s truck and hop out
when we arrived at my house.

Sadly these flip flops had been upgraded this very day. They’d been my
“house shoes” and my other flip flops had worn out (ie. could feel the
stones, etc. that I walked on), so I bought some new house shoes the
other day and was happy to have some thicker soled flip flops again.
(sigh) Not the end of the world. I do have other shoes and sandals
but I liked these ones…

note: The other sandal was found the next day, still in one piece, with no teeth marks and were later disinfected. You never know. Thank you God!

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