sip of heaven

This morning was the day I first was able to try out my new coffee and bodum and coffee grinder (part of my weekly coffee treat). The result? A taste of heaven. Is that wrong to say? I don’t know. I don’t know what God thinks about coffee, but I enjoy it.

I think that Jesus could’ve been a coffee drinker, had that been a cultural thing of His time and area – maybe He’d be that type of guy who really enjoyed a GOOD cup of coffee. But I almost think that He’d enjoy any coffee – the more important thing was who He would drink coffee with. I think He would’ve gone over for coffee with the lady down the street whose coffee is so weak that it’s transparent. But He would value His time with her and they’d talk about the Kingdom of God. I think He’d drink coffee with that homeless guy Jeff (aka T.J.) that I met on the streets in downtown Toronto last March. They’d sit there together by the side of the road, and Jesus would tell a parable about grace and forgiveness. I think that Jesus would drink coffee in the market in a nearby country, where many would gather in the mornings and sit on little stools and eat pastry type things. Jesus would have a huge crowd gathered around Him and He’d be teaching. Yes, I think that Jesus would’ve been a coffee drinker.

My friend FF loves to drink coffee during the YWAM base’s worship times – she says that she imagines that she’s having coffee with God. I like that image. I’m sure that God would love to have a coffee with His children. Spending time just sitting back and relaxing and talking with Him. Like spending time with a good friend except even better. I’ve tried that a few times. Coffee mug grasped in between my two hands, singing praises to God and picturing the Lord hanging out with me. If Jesus wasn’t a coffee drinker, then definitely a coffee socializer.

3 thoughts on “sip of heaven

  1. I don’t know Beth…I think Jesus would have been more into Tim Horton’s Iced Caps or maybe a nice big mug of hot chocolate with whipped cream and sprinkles. Just my opinion…Jen


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