there are days

There are days when I feel like this – my bike fully loaded and it’s almost a miracle that I’m able to keep going and not tilt over too far and come to a crashing kerplop on the pavement.

Yesterday and today I bought some groceries on the way home from school. My bike’s basket was filled to the brim and overflowing, I had bags hanging from either side of the handle bar as well. My bike actually fell over once while I was still buying fruit (um, somewhat embarrassing as it knocked some apples off a seller’s stand), and threatened to do so again later on. I am generally content with my bike. I feel it’s served me well these past two (almost!) months, and I’m planning on it being my main means of transport until I move up north (not for another 10-11 months or so). But there are days when a different “vehicle” would be useful. My intention here isn’t to complain, so I hope that’s understood. I just wanted to share some frustrations I have but they’re not vexations. Does that make sense? I am grateful that I have my bike. Some days I’d prefer something else though.

Today, for instance, I stopped by 7-11 (yes there are 7-11s here – many 7-11s) to pay my telephone bill (yes, to pay my telephone bill at 7-11; you can also pay your electricity and water bills there – only if it’s before the due date – after the due date you have to go to somewhat inconvenient locations, so I intend to never let that happen; plus I’ve heard they’ll quickly cut off whatever service you haven’t yet paid for – understandable of course). So, all the bags that were in my basket, and hanging off of my handle bars had to come in with me. It was in a moment such as this that I thought “I really should be praying for a truck more often than I have been.” But the fact remains – I’m pretty scared to drive a vehicle in Thailand. I was thankful and amazed that I becames so accustomed to driving my bike around Lopburi, but a real vehicle?? How could I avoid the traffic circles/round-abouts? How could I get used to motorbikes weaving all around my vehicle? I don’t think I need to worry about this now, but I should be praying about this. God has helped me with sooo many things thus far and I’m confident that He’ll continue to do so – no matter how scary it seems right now. In the mean time, I’m happy to have my bike. It’s cost efficient for sure, especially with gas prices these days. And it comes with a built-in fan (so long as I’m pedalling), and a spot to put a temporary cup holder (achem… iced coffee cup in small bag dangling from the handle bars). I like it.

My friend M has seen a three-wheeled adult size bike around town – I guess that would make it an adult tricycle. She is not a confident bike rider (hasn’t riden since she was very young) and thinks that this would be just the bike for her. She heard someone later comment that they thought this was a bike for a disabled or elderly person who can’t keep their balance. She wants one anyway. šŸ™‚

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