what lurks behind my stove

This morning I went downstairs, as I normally do, and saw something out of place. One of our many cockroach poison plastic things, had been moved. I’m not talking like an inch or something but more like several feet from where it had been sitting and luring cockroaches to come and eat its bait.

I saw it out in the middle of the floor of our living room/dining room. “Strange,” I thought, “why did Faye move that there?” Then I noticed that the cockroach that I’d sprayed and left (yes… I just didn’t want to deal with picking it up last night while it was still wiggling its legs) last night was… GONE! This sort of disappearance of the carcass of a cockroach has happened before – my logical conclusion has always been that some other creature has eaten it. Maybe a gecko. Do geckos like to eat dead cockroaches? You got me. So this second sight was odd but not too strange.

Then I ventured into the kitchen, where I came upon a huge mess on the counter (leaves, small grass, lots of dirt like material or poo… not sure which) and yet another cockroach trap had not only been moved across the room, but had actually been flipped. Now my first thought was how inconvenient this was – I just wanted to make some oatmeal and get on my way to school. My next thought was that I remembered that my meebaan was coming today. My cleaning lady – bless her soul. She is getting paid to clean my kitchen… So I left the mess, opened up my stove (yes it has a lid), and prepared my oatmeal. Please don’t think less of me for leaving the mess – if she wasn’t coming that day, I’m sure I would’ve cleaned it up. Maybe in the afternoon, when my classes were done, but it would’ve been cleaned.

Meanwhile, I saw my housemate Faye and asked her about the cockroach traps. She had thought that I’d moved them. Hmm…

At lunch time, I asked some fellow missionaries about their rat trap – this is what I was convinced had gotten into our house. They said they’d loaned it out, but they’d try to get it back so we could use it.

Later in the afternoon, Faye and I were talking about what type of creature could’ve gotten into our house, and how it had gotten in, and if it had managed to leave again. At one point we even seriously started considering that it could be a snake. Why a snake would be interested in cockroach traps, I don’t know. But IT could still be in our house, whatever IT was.

Fast forward to dinner… Faye and I were preparing some western food (sort of): mashed potatoes, some left over chicken, some oven roasted veggies and some BBQ pork from Sa Geow market (all of which was thoroughly enjoyed), when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement at the back of the stove and to the side of it. Of course I jumped, and there may’ve been a yelp. And we ran out of the kitchen. Faye started asking me what I saw and how big it was…. I’m still not sure what it was, but as I continue to think about it, I realize that it wasn’t THAT big and is either a lizard or a smaller rat. So until we catch it, many questions remain… What lurks behind the stove at Beth and Faye’s house?

3 thoughts on “what lurks behind my stove

  1. A giant cockroach? A garden gnome? A bat? A miniature elephant? A beaver? A ferret? A curious skunk? A wombat? A mongoose? A whirling dervish? Just some suggestions…Hope you find out what it is…Jen


  2. Whatever IT is seems to be a repeat offender. Another mess this morning… still can’t figure out HOW it got in and why the mess is in exactly the same spot… hmm…


  3. I have a new theory. The rat is making a nest in the stove range (which is actually over the counter and not over the stove) and so the debris from its nest is falling through the fan area. But the rat also wants to move into the rest of my house… that is, if IT is a rat. I’m becoming more convinced that IT is.


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