what next?

Last night I saw IT making its way across the top of the curtains on
our kitchen windows. IT is a mouse.. or a rat… to tell you the truth
I’m not sure. It doesn’t look like a Canadian type of mouse, but then
again I am in Thailand, but it doesn’t quite look like a rat. It’s
tail just isn’t too rat-like… but then maybe it is. Let me see how
many rats I’ve inspected up close…um, that would be NONE!

Today I bought some sticky paper. The instructions said to put it out
on the ground with some “pork or something” (I put bread and peanut
butter and on one of them a small piece of chicken – I couldn’t
sacrifice my cheese to the rodent) on it and just wait…. So I put it
out before Faye and I went out to get food for dinner and when we got
back, we turned the light on in the kitchen and lo and behold…. IT
was there! I stepped into the kitchen and one of ITs friends came out
(just to scare me I’m sure) and then went back in behind the racks that
hold our pots and pans. There was more than a yelp this time – not a
high pitched scream but I think a series of “ahhh”s and there was
definite jumping and lifting of the feet until I made my way out of the
kitchen. The excitement is kind of fun… in its weird way.

ITs friend has been keeping ITs distance from the other sticky paper,
but we hope to find at least another one stuck on the paper in the
morning. The hard part will come tomorrow, when we have to deal with
these THINGs that are stuck to the sticky paper. I know that I’m going
to have to get used to dealing with rodents (and many kinds of insects)
(and lizards) for when I move up north – I think it will be the norm to
deal with them on a daily basis (which is why I will get a cat to help
deal with all of those THINGs). It’s just challenging to have to get
good at killing rodents.

The fact that I will have to kill rodents brings back memories from
YWAM in dear old Turner Valley, and the yearly gopher/prairie dog
hunt/massacre. My last year there was probably my most eventful as far
as the prairie dogs. John had bought a pellet gun, and Andrae’s dad
was visiting. John was outside, whenever he had free time, just
waiting for those little guys to pop their heads up so he could shoot
them. He had pretty good aim. Later, Andrae, his dad, and John
developed a pretty efficient system for getting them. It involved a
water hose and a few shovels. I went out one day to see how they were
progressing, and was handed one of the shovels. I couldn’t carry out
my job though and the prairie dog lived for a few more minutes until the
shovel was put into the hands of one of the experts again. I wonder if
it’s a guy thing. I don’t know. I could use their help here though
with getting rid of my rodents.

Note: Thankfully Faye and I didn’t have to do the dirty work ourselves, in killing the rats. Peter, another missionary here, came by to deal with them. Somehow he managed to remove them from the sticky paper, so we could use the paper for a few more nights to see if we were able to trap any more. As of October 24, there have been no more rodents trapped on the sticky paper, but I’m sure that this is only the beginning of me dealing with them in Thailand.

2 thoughts on “what next?

  1. I am very happy to hear that those adorable little prarie dogs were spared by your shovel.People and horses should just respect theirnvironment and let them continue to be their spunky Disney -like selves.


  2. Dear anonymous,I could be wrong but it sounds like you are the type of person who would love the prairie dog museum that’s located somewhere in Alberta, north of Calgary. Deceased prairie dogs are stuffed, dressed in costumes and posed for a particular scene. Visitors can view each scene displayed in a window/gallery type of area (so I understand – I haven’t yet had the pleasure in travelling to the Prairie Dog Museum). Apparently it was mentioned on some national, or international, show a few years ago and that following summer they had a record number of visitors. Just thought I’d share that random fact with you. Hopefully seeing those stuffed prairie dogs wouldn’t disturb you too much.


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