great discovery

great discovery
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Some friends of mine, who moved up north, just discovered a shop in Chiang Mai that sells a decent selection of yarn and other knitting supplies! Yay! They sent some down to me so I could knit their coming baby a hat (see object on the right – it’s called an “umbillical cord hat” (not my design, but from the book “Stitch ‘n Bitch”)), which was quickly finished. So this hobby of mine doesn’t need to die so it seems. Still a little costly though.

I take more enjoyment in actually figuring out the pattern and then knitting it, than I do in owning the knitted project. Which is why I think that it works out better for me to offer to knit things for other people, IF they supply the yarn. Except perhaps a big sweater or something. That might be hard to part with, knowing how long it would’ve taken me to knit it. So for now I’ll just stick with smaller projects.

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