electric mosquito repellent

Electric mosquito repellent – you insert a blue tab and plug it in and place it near you. The mosquitos generally stay away then, which is nice while you’re sleeping.

This is the object that has inspired me to post pictures of various things that are now pretty common in my life here in Lopburi. Some of them you may’ve seen before, some may be entirely new to you. Feel free to ask questions and leave comments!

3 thoughts on “electric mosquito repellent

  1. Yay! I got my prize today! Thanks Beth, it made my walk to the post worthwhile, especially as I was nervous about trying to explain something to the postman (in French). But he understood me and I understood him (wow). ANd then I walked home and read your letter. Thanks for the encouragement! JenPS, my fave pic out of your series is the electric mosquito repellent.


  2. I’m glad your prize made it to France Jen and that it brought encouragement to you! 🙂 Regarding the “electric mosquito repellent”, I think it’s probably better described as an electric mosquito coil, except not so smelly. 🙂


  3. Thanks for all the pix, Beth. Even though these things are normal for you it helps to better understand your life by seeing the same things you do. As they say…”a picture is worth a thousand words” 🙂


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