house sitting

I’m house sitting this week. I do have some company though. Here they are… meet Doxy. She’s not the cuddliest dog. But let’s be honest… I haven’t seen a dog yet in Thailand that I’d want to cuddle. First thing in the morning when I open the door, she scoots in the house and finds a quiet spot to lay down. She is a good guard dog – lets me in and barks at anyone else going by, including the other dogs.

Next is Rogue. She’s not the brightest cookie on the block but she’s sweet and who can resist a golden lab with a limp? She creates quite a ruckus when it’s close to feeding time. This could be totally normal of all dogs – I wouldn’t know since I’ve only had cats my whole life! She also has a tendancy to go after Doxy’s food which results in a fight. Not a good thing. Doxy wins though – which is why Rogue has a limp.

Finally, meet Triden. Don’t ask me about the name – I don’t know. For the longest time I thought her name was TridenT but apparently she’s not named after gum. She is the most talkative (to the point of being annoying!) cat that I’ve ever met. She loves to hang out on the roof and gets to eat a fish every day. Actually two. Her tongue isn’t permanently stuck out. With my photography skills I caught this pose. 🙂

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