Up from here: sure about this?

I was just reading my friend’s blog and was challenged about her point of view on sharing her “real journey” with the Lord. [Check out her post at:Up from here: sure about this?]

I’m still not sure how I feel about sharing more personal things on my blog. Obviously I have done it but more of my posts tend to be pretty superficial. When I started the blog, I didn’t want to make it limited to just one style or only containing certain info – I wanted the freedom to share the mundane aspects of my life, along with my joys, challenges and fears. How much of what’s on my heart should I share? I don’t know.

Jennifer also wrote, “I know it is scary to see someone else go down into the depths, I think we secretly fear that they won’t make it, or that God won’t be enough. I’ve learned that when I let God take me into the depths, He brings His love there. I’ve learned that when I experience the depths, I can also experience heights that I would never before have imagined.”

Having been experiencing some serious challenges lately, I appreciated what my friend wrote. I know this hard time I’m facing won’t last forever and I know that the Lord is with me and will bring me out of these depths. There is much He wants to teach me and much I need to learn. In the meantime, I cling to Him and find shelter in the shadow of His wings.

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