Who would’ve thought…

Next week the two fellowship groups from my language school will meet together for a combined fellowship time. It’s our last one before Christmas (which is weird to say… can’t believe it’s almost a month away!). I am part of the organizing commitee and I had the great idea of making gingerbread houses. It seems that this will be more difficult than I was anticipating. Who would’ve thought?

I’m not sure if any of us will be ambitious enough to make gingerbread (nothing is easy here – especially finding certain ingredients), so Mindy’s parents (who just arrived yesterday) have brought Graham crackers (all the way from the USA), and we’ll find some other cookies in town that would be good for building a house. And I don’ think that decorating the house will be a problem. I’ll find some candies around town somewhere. But the icing… that’s another story. I looked online for recipes for “cement icing” and they all include egg whites…. Egg whites. Yes, they have eggs here – in abundance – but there’s also that fear of bird flu. It’s been suggested to us that we make sure that whatever we eat from a chicken is well cooked. So, I’m left wondering what to use instead of icing… Any ideas?

4 thoughts on “Who would’ve thought…

  1. Glue. Yes, I’m serious! Plain white craft glue. But that means you won’t be able to eat it after. But it doesn’t sound like you’ll want to eat those egg whites either…I also sent you a recipe link, but it calls for meringue powder…not sure if you can find that there.Good luck!


  2. I did think about the white glue. Kids like to eat that sometimes, right? ๐Ÿ™‚ The graham cracker exchange didn’t occur last week and so I’m left to make some gingerbread cookies on my own. And they’re not really gingerbread – my friend’s mom has a recipe for German Lebkhuken (something like that) and I like it much better than regular gingerbread. So I’ll use that…. And the icing thing has sort of been solved. I’ll let you know how it turns out.


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