like I’m in grade one

This last week has been hectic but good. We had two special sessions at school – one on learning styles and another one about Father’s Day/birthday of the King of Thailand (which is on December 5th). In addition to these two events, we had our last combined fellowship time before Christmas. This was my first Christmas party of the season and I think it went well – for the most part.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was I started a new module in my Thai studies. I’ve begun to read and write in Thai!! Pretty amazing, eh?! I have a booklet to help me form the letters. Inside you’ll see pages like these. Follow the dotted lines in the direction of the arrows.

It reminds me of grade one, when I was learning how to read and write in English. I feel like a child again. It’s great though – I’m so excited to eventually be able to read a menu or instructions, or whatever! Already I can read and write a few words such as: fish, translate, eyes/maternal grandfather; some; good; year; curry; see; central; die; crow; kettle and several others. You may be wondering why these words… That’s a good question. My answer is that they use consonants from the middle class/levels (there are 3 classes in total – I can’t explain what this is yet, but I’ll try to in a future post). [Note: The middle class has the least number of letters to learn and it’s what they’ve had me learn first.] Long vowels are written differently than short vowels. And currently all the words I’m learning also have a mid-tone. There are many tone rules that I will be learning. Anyway, it’s exciting! 🙂

2 thoughts on “like I’m in grade one

  1. Enjoy feeling like a kid again! And I think it’s very important to be able to read words like “curry” and “die”. Wouldn’t want to get them mixed up! Well, I’m back from my trip so I’ll have some stuff to add to my blog soon. It was awesome and I feel like I have more of an idea of where I may end up…Laters!Jen


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