I won’t be home for Christmas

Have you ever taken a night train? Yeah, me neither. Well, tonight, around 10:15pm my journey begins… Faye and I will board the train at the Lopburi station (yes, in the monkey end of town) and will hopefully sleep in our reserved bunk beds, to arrive in Chiang Mai around 9am, Sunday morning (realistically around 10am). We’ll spend the day in Chiang Mai (and stay at my beloved Mountain View Guesthouse!), run a whole ton of errands around town, visit with a friend or two (or three) and then take off the next morning by mini-van/bus to Mae Hong Son. I’ll have to call at Sopphang (sp?) to let Phii Toi know where we are along the way (so she can estimate when we’ll be arriving) (this particular location is the last spot before Mae Hong Son that my mobile will have reception). We’ll get off at such and such location (can’t remember the name of it, but I have it written down somewhere), which is the turn off to get to the village that we’ll be staying in with my friends, Phii Lee and Phii Toi. Tired yet? Yeah. Me too. But also super excited!! I’ll let you know how it goes. But I will probably be away from checking e-mail and updating my blog until the beginning of January.

The Christmas party last night, in my neighbourhood, went well. Every kid (all 19 of them) turned up and many parents hung out in the background. Faye and I made lots and lots of cookies and we still have a lot left. This morning we had a special Christmas session at language school. And this past Wednesday, we had another combined fellowship group, in order to give a proper farewell for Monet and the Adams Family. So… basically this last week was crazy busy.

I need to go pack, so have yourself a great Christmas!!! Drink some eggnog for me – I’m craving some at the moment!!

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