things I don’t understand but like

I am starting, what I hope will be, a continuing (although random) series of blog posts about “things I don’t understand (here in Thailand) but like” (let’s call it “TIDUBL” for short). Since I started living here, I’ve experienced, seen, smelt, tasted… (you get the picture) a number of things that triggers this thought, “I don’t know why… but hey, why not. It works…”

So to begin this series, let me tell you about people driving on the wrong side of the road. In Thailand, vehicles normally drive on the left hand side of the road. Yes this is different than in Canada, but I’m not saying that this is what’s wrong. As I said, vehicles NORMALLY drive on the left hand side of the road. Occasionally… okay, let’s be realistic… everyday, probably everytime I’m out on my bicycle, I see a motorbike coming towards me on the edge of the road. Usually it’s only motorbikes who dare to do this, but sometimes you may see the odd car or truck.

As much as this is a road hazard, I kind of like it. Why? Well, it can be handy… To go home from the Language and Orientation Training House, I SHOULD go out of the laneway, turn left until there’s no barrier in between the lanes, turn right (going past the laneway I just came out of), go almost all the way to the traffic lights, cross several lanes of traffic, then turn right down the road that leads me home. However, if I do as the Thai people do to get myself home, I’d turn right out of the laneway, then ride a little bit up the road and then take another right and I’m heading towards home. Easy, right?!

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