Press Gang

When I watched P&P a few weeks ago, I was reminded of something. One of the actesses in P&P, Julia Sawalha, was in a television show in the late 80s (or somewhere around that time), called Press Gang. In P&P, she played Kitty – the most ridiculous of all the sisters and the one who ended up being Mrs. Wickham. Her character in Press Gang was Lynda Day, editor for her school’s newspaper. The relationship between Lynda and Spike Thomson, the cool guy from America, was a constant element throughout the series. Would they ever get together? My sister and I used to watch this show rather faithfully, which was made difficult by the strange programming hours of TVO. Sigh… I don’t actually remember how the series ended. It’s quite possible that I never managed to see that last show thanks to TVO. Oh well…

All this to say, what I’m sharing is rather a pointless story. If you’re interested in this little tidbit of information from my younger years, check out Press Gang.

3 thoughts on “Press Gang

  1. Speaking of P&P, I saw the new version today in the theatre (with 7 other girlfriends, we took up a whole row!). It was good, but I still prefer the BBC 6 hr version. 2 hrs just didn’t do the story justice! They had to cut out a lot of the story between Elizabeth and Wickham. But they kept that famous proposal scene…”You could not have made me the offer of your hand in any possible way that would have tempted me to accept it.”Jen


  2. I still haven’t seen the new version that you’re talking about. I can’t stand Keira Knightly – it’s kind of like Claire Danes and her crying… So with that preconceived judgment (and also hearing from everyone else that it’s not as good) I’m a little leery about it. I’ll let you know what I think. My roommate bought a copy on the weekend.


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