the way home

I spent the last week in Chiang Mai, so I could attend a series of meetings. It was was a very good week, although very busy. Long days filled with meetings and the evenings filled with visiting old (and some new) friends.

My friends who were leading a short term team were in town at the same time, just before they flew back to Canada. I find these types of visits bitter sweet. Of course I love seeing my friends. I love the fact that God arranged for us both to be in the same city at the same time. I love seeing my friends’ son who’s growing up so quickly. I love the fact that they know me already. I love having a history with these friends. I love being able to laugh over something that happened years ago. I love the ease of it all. But I hate saying goodbye not knowing when I’d see them again. It’s hard having so many friends from around the world, being involved in missions work around the world. It’s hard to say goodbye knowing that even when I return to Canada, and visit where they’re currently living that there’s a good chance that they won’t be there. It’s hard.

They drove me back to the guesthouse where I was staying and we said our goodbyes. I expected to cry, as the last time I had to say such a goodbye I couldn’t NOT cry. But I think it was God’s grace that I didn’t cry. They were the ones seeing me ‘home’ and I wasn’t the one leaving but they were. Somehow I think that made things easier. I don’t know.

I sound rather gloomy, don’t I? Good news….. Well the day after returning to Lopburi I went by my friends’ (Paul and Crystal) house to see the new addition to their family. Calvin Lewis Henry was born last week in Bangkok, Thailand. I become more amazed of God each time I see new born babies. I probably should feel/think the same way each time I see anybody since we’re all human beings and it’s not as if I’ve never seen a baby before. But still – there’s something about that new life that brings God’s greatness to shine so brightly.

Other good news… I will have a language check on Thursday, then have a retreat in Lopburi for those of us who are at the language school (Thursday-Sunday). And THEN… on Tuesday I go on a much anticipated and needed vacation. Ko Tao’s beaches are calling me… But before then, much work needs to be done to be ready to show off my reading and writing skills on Thursday. Pray!!!

[Note: Oh, by the way, the picture was taken on the night train back to Lopburi, from Chiang Mai. I spotted a Canadian flag on somebody’s pack and well…. here’s the picture. I think I slept the most on this ride home (6 hours), that I ever have on the night train. The weird part about coming home on this train is that it arrives at 3:40am – so to make yourself get up and get off the train, find a way to get home, get in, have a shower… well it disrupts your sleep just a tad. Anyway, I’m rambling.]

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