learning to ride a motorbike!

I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to drive one of these things. I’m praying about getting a truck when I move up north but I’ll just have to wait and see what happens with that. Peter kindly took Faye and I out to this quiet road and taught us the basics. I was terrified at first to be honest but felt much better about the whole thing after a few times up and down the road. New challenges everywhere it seems but it’s all good. 🙂

3 thoughts on “learning to ride a motorbike!

  1. What an awesome picture!!!!! It was good to see photos from your holiday, and I hope that it was restful. Glad that ‘God time’ was good. I am praying for you Beth. Things are moving ahead and I’m feeling a little bit crazy at the moment. 10 months from now I’ll be in your neck of the woods…I’m going to have to take some manditory courses at either seminary or Bible school…yikes. I have the fear. Love you lady!!!!


  2. Hey Beth! I debated for a while about buying or renting a scooter/motorcycle for getting around Marseille. You know, a nice little vespa or something. Then I chickened out after seeing so many of them nearly get knocked over by city buses or nearly take people out as they try to cross the street. I haven’t even been brave enough to bike. My feet (and the bus) get me around town. I need to learn to drive a standard vehicle though, at least I could borrow someone’s car if I knew how to drive. Not that I would be brave enough to go very far. Sheesh, it sounds like I’m a coward…but city driving is just not me. : )


  3. Don’t have the fear Jess!! I’m sure it’ll be good. And as for you being in Thailand in 10 months, it’ll be so good to see you again! You can come visit me in my village and join in the “under the house party.” Sound good?!!Jen, I totally know what you mean… about sounding like a coward. Driving here is just so…different. Sometimes I wish that I had grown up in a country that drove on the left hand side of the road so at least THAT wouldn’t be an issue. Now that the weather is boiling hot and still getting hotter (if that’s even possible) I ride my bike somewhat reluctantly. However, any movement makes you break out sweating. Oh well. 🙂


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