So here are a few pictures from my vacation. Overall it was okay. The island was beautiful and there was really good western food (the Thai food was not too tasty as I think they were making it for foreigners – a couple of places were okay). However, I was and still am fairly homesick so that element of hanging out with family or old friends wasn’t there. I did get a bit of swimming, snorkelling, reading, resting, exploring, walking and drinking good coffee in. And I got to watch several movies (see the picture on here of watching a movie in a restaurant; grab a cushion, order some food and enjoy the show!). And there was some good prayer time as well.

I’m happy to be back in Lopburi. I wondered as I was returning to more familiar territory if I was homesick at all for Lopburi… I think I was a bit. I’m thankful that I can be here in town for a good two months before needing to travel again. I’m thankful to be able to have time to spend with the friends I’d been making before. I’m thankful to be able to join a cell/home group at my church (pray that I’ll understand at least some of what will be going on!). And I’m thankful to be able to get back into my Thai studies! And I’m thankful that my house was not overtaken by cockroaches when I returned!

One thought on “summary

  1. Homesick for Lopburi…this is indeed progress!! How big is the church you’re attending? Is it far from home? I’ll be praying for increased understanding and God’s blessing upon the friendships you make there.


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