Tim Hortons in Kandahar?

My friend Jen, who’s currently living in France, e-mailed the following article to me. She wondered if France or Thailand would be next… I wonder if they’ll still have “Rrrrroll up the rrrrim to win?” What would I order? A large triple triple (yes a triple triple) and perhaps an apple fritter, or a chocolate glazed donut, or maybe some timbits that I can bring to school to share. Mmmm…

There I go talking about food again. I just finished looking through a few cook books because I offered to make dessert for a dinner with some friends on Sunday. Sadly, I think there are very few recipes out of those books that I can make. Some ingredients are impossible to find or they’re outrageously expensive. And some require an electic beater or a freezer large enough to put a pan in. Those are things I just don’t have. I have a stove and an oven and a fridge with a very tiny freezer. The oven has no thermometer gauge – you just turn it on, put things in and hope for the best. Surprisingly, everything that Faye and I have put in there has turned out well. Amazing.

Okay, enough about me talking about food. Read the article or at least skim through it.

The following is a news item posted on CBC NEWS ONLINE
at http://www.cbc.ca/news


WebPosted Wed Mar 8 17:50:56 2006

—Tim Hortons officials say they will open a store at the Kandahar
military airfield in Afghanistan within the next few months.

Canadian soldiers have reportedly been lobbying for weeks for the move.
Their requests were passed on to Chief of Defence Staff Gen. Rick
Hillier, who passed the message on to the company.

In a news release issued Wednesday, Tim Hortons says it will convert a

trailer and deliver it to the Canadian Forces for use in Afghanistan.
Military personnel will be able to purchase selected baked goods and
beverages, including coffee.

The Canadian Forces Personnel Support Agency, the morale and welfare arm
of the Canadian Forces, will be responsible for staffing and training,
and also for operation of the trailer.

“I know I speak for all the men and women of the Canadian Forces when I
say that I’m delighted to hear this news,” Gen. Hillier said in the
news release.

“Opening a Tim Hortons to serve our troops in Afghanistan strengthens an
already superb relationship between two great Canadian institutions. I
would like to thank Tim Hortons for their endless support of the Canadian
Forces over the years.”

Former police officer Ron Joyce co-founded the famous chain in Hamilton
in 1964 with the late NHL hockey player, Tim Horton.

In 1995, Tim Hortons merged with U.S.-based Wendy’s International and is
now a wholly-owned subsidiary of the fast-food burger chain.

Copyright (C) 2006 CBC. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on “Tim Hortons in Kandahar?

  1. Make mine an iced vanilla frap, made with chocolate milk and 6 chocolate timbits. Maybe I’ll share…but not likely. glad you liked the article. Maybe if we get enough fellow Canucks behind us, we could get one set up where we live. Petition the Tim Horton headquarters…Jen


  2. Thanks Crystal! I’ll give you a call if I need it! 🙂Jen, does Tim Horton’s have an iced vanilla frap? Maybe I’ve been away too long. Sounds good to me though. 🙂


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