what do Nim, Oh and Wood all have in common?

Late this afternoon I had my second motorbike lesson. This time a hill was involved, as well as turning some corners and making a u-turn (sort of). You’d be proud of me. We had several people from the neighbourhood near the canal out observing the practice session. One woman was named Nim (not sure what tone) and she had a baby (4 months old) name Mick (high tone). While Faye was off driving the motorbike, Nim and I talked a little bit. I had a hard time understanding a lot of what she was saying though. However, at the end of the conversation I asked if I could come visit her and talk with her. She was very happy about that (so was/am I!) as I think she’s stuck in the house all day looking after her baby. New friend number one.

New friends number 2 and so on came into my life about 10 minutes after the practice session. As Faye and I headed out to get some food and then go home to eat dinner, I discovered that my front bicycle tire had gone completely flat. “Hmm… guess I’m walking home,” I thought. A few minutes down the road, some people were sitting in the back of a truck. I said hi (or the equivalent in Thai) and they asked me why I wasn’t riding my bike (in Thai). I told them I had a problem with… and then I pointed to the tire (couldn’t remember the word for tire or wheel). They immediately told me to put the bike in the back of their truck and they’d take me somewhere to get it fixed. “Oh” (rising tone) then introduced herself and called her husband (“Wood” – rising tone) to come drive us to a repair shop. On the way to the repair shop I learned a few things about her and her husband (she learned a few things about me) and it turns out we have a friend in common (Fiat). Anyway, I’m planning to go back to thank Oh and Wood. Hopefully she’ll be open to meeting with me as well.

This was probably one of the best days that I’ve had in a while. At least one of the most interesting. Thank you God!

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