important news from Canada reaches Thailand

In order to find any news about Canada in the Bangkok Post, something significant would’ve had to happen. What did I see in the paper a few days ago? What was so significant that Canada was mentioned? There was a small newsbrief about the fight between the two families of the girls who found the winning Tim Hortons’ cup. Yup – the fight over the vehicle won on the cup. Unbelievable.

I think the highlight here is that Tim Hortons was mentioned in the Bangkok Post. I highly doubt that it’s ever happened, nor is it likely for it to occur again.

5 thoughts on “important news from Canada reaches Thailand

  1. Jessica – that’s a bit of a dramatic statement isn’t it? 🙂 I wouldn’t say it’s an obsession… although maybe it’s just the beginning. Not that I dislike Tim Hortons, but I definitely would choose 2nd Cup or Starbucks over Timmy’s. Who would’ve thought? Just think – this could be YOU in about a year and a half. You would’ve been at Lopburi for 7-8 months by that time developed strange obsessions with all things Canadian. Or maybe some things. Perhaps you’ll miss those Canadian Tire commercials with THAT overly helpful, friendly neighbour. Or seeing Ben Mulroney on Canadian Idol. Just wait and see Jessica. 🙂 It’ll be okay. I’ll be able to help coach you through dealing with it. 🙂 Hey, Rob and Judy and Cynthia arrive on Monday. More Canadians!!


  2. Yeah, although I can’t imagine myself really actually missing the overly helpful Canadian Tire neighbour, it is entirely possible. Now, Ben Mulroney is another story. Who wouldn’t miss him? I haven’t seen Canadian Idol in awhile now and I long to see his round face and hear his witty remarks. But yes, thankfully I will have a friend (namely you) to coach me through the ‘withdrawl’ symptoms that one undergoes as a part of moving to another country. So strange that my possible team is going to be spending time with you, my dear friend, in Lop Buri. You guys can talk about ketchup and dill pickle chips, chesterfields, perogies, mennonite sausage, clickers, restrooms and the like. It will be fun. I should send a cardboard cut out of me along just so that it seems as if I am there. What do you say? Good idea?


  3. I think the cardboard cutout of you is a good idea. However, you need to make it so the legs and arms move so “Jess” can do her fun little Jess-dance. Is that possible? Maybe you can hook up a speaker to it and have it programed with your distinctly Jess-sayings. You’d maybe be able to use it when you come to Lopburi and you need to skip a class or an event (or a special session… you’ll learn about those). You could just arrive early, prop up your cardboard cut-out and hit the play button. “mubaan saphaan jet… dichan cheueu Jessica…” 🙂


  4. Hahahahahahahaha. I totally laughed out loud beth…totally!!! “mubaan saphaan jet” was the one that threw me over the edge!!! Man, I said that alot! It still runs through my head every so often.


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