regarding getting into a stranger’s vehicle

I thought I should mention a few things regarding “what do Nim, Oh and Wood have in common?” Mainly I wanted to be clear that I don’t make it a general practice to get into a stranger’s vehicle. As hospitable and friendly as Thai people are, you still have to be wise and careful here. Certainly I wouldn’t do it in Canada. So why did I accept Oh and Wood’s help? I don’t really know except to say that I felt very strongly throughout the whole event that God had arranged this meeting. Call it being led by the Spirit, because that’s what it was. I’m sure that God deflated my tire (or allowed it to happen) because there’s no reasonable explanation as to why my tire was totally flat. I had pumped up at lunch time. And when I was at the repair shop, the repair man couldn’t find a hole in it anywhere. He pumped it up after trying to find the non-existant hole and it’s been hunky dorey ever since (days later it’s just as full as when the repairman filled it up). Sooooo…. that’s that.

2 thoughts on “regarding getting into a stranger’s vehicle

  1. Beth, I love those divine appointments God sets up. Sometimes what He leads us into makes no earthly sense and is so far from what we’d normally do. Good on you for listening to His voice!


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