A whole new group of students for the language school arrived in town today. So far I’ve only met Cynthia, as she’s Caroline’s new neighbour and I was over at Caroline’s trying to help her with her blog. It turns out that she (meaning Cynthia) knows this guy Hoonie that I know. Crazy!! She knowsHoonie!

I know Hoonie from my YWAM days, which is also how Cynthia knows him. He was in her SBS. Hoonie is this guy that everyone seems to know. I can’t tell you how many people (all with a YWAM connection) I’ve met who know Hoonie. And it’s also strange that he manages to come up in conversation… it’s not like I ask every person I meet who has ever worked with YWAM if they know Hoonie… his name just comes up. Anyway, I don’t even know Hoonie that well. I don’t even know where he’s living or if he’s even still involved with YWAM. Here’s to you Hoonie – wherever you are…

Do you know Hoonie?

5 thoughts on “Hoonie

  1. I know Hoonie. In fact I met a girl that worked with him in the SBS in Lausanne. Small world but it sounds kind of like your conversation with Caroline. We started out talking about where/what we did with YWAM, she was in Eagle’s Nest for a while, and then she said, “Do you know Hoonie?”. Yep, yep, I do. As far as I know, he’s still in Lausanne. : )


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