I know I’m in Thailand when…(part 2)

[Okay, I just re-read my post and I think I should say some positive things now. Sorry.]

… it’s cheaper to eat out than to make food at home (for a single person).

…you can order food at a restaurant and ask them to add this or that or don’t add whatever and it’s okay to do so. You can’t really do this at fancier restuarants though.

…you can travel from Lopburi to Bangkok (2 hours) for as little as 24 baht (less than a dollar Canadian) for the train (no air-con and not guaranteed a seat) or about 80 baht for a bus (air-con but not guaranteed a seat) or 100 baht for a ‘rot tuu’ (mini van) (air-con, seat guaranteed, and they’ll drop you off along the way, along the main road) (and they are fast – faster than most modes of transportation).

…everyone tells you that they love you and that you’re beautiful. These are some of the first things that Thai people learn to say in English I think.

…you eat a meal with everyone at church each Sunday when the service is done. I love this!! Why don’t churches back home do this?

…food is always available, almost everywhere. Hungry for a snack? Just step outside your door. Thirsty? How about a fruit shake in a bag? Fried bananas? Meat on a stick? Fruit already cut up and ready to dip in the sugar/salt/chilli pepper mix? Coconut based snacks? Mango and sticky rice? Sweet popcorn sprinkled with black sesame seeds? Soy milk? The possibilities are endless.

…it’s important to have ‘sanuuk’ (fun). Thai people love to have sanuuk and try to include it in many aspects of their lives. At a fellowship group I went to a few weeks ago, we played 2 games, taking up about half of the time. This happens every week. At school, we occasionally have special sessions about various topics. Sometimes it’s about a particular cultural event. But if the teacher who’s organizing it can include sanuuk, then the whole event is much more sanuuk.

One thought on “I know I’m in Thailand when…(part 2)

  1. I loved how many times you mentioned ‘sanuuk’. It’s so true though…they love sanuuk, so if you are creative and are naturally sanuuk then you’ll all have lots of sanuuk. Sanuuk, sanuuk, sanuuk. I miss all of those things. Thanks for writing them my dearest!


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