“It’s coming…”

“What’s coming?”, you ask.
“Song Khran”, I say.

Song Khran starts this Thursday and will last for 3 days. All know about it is that it will be like a city wide (nation wide!) water fight. Other farang like me have told me of their first song khran experiences – the dirty and the clean versions (ie. depends on where the water came from). To be honest, I’m a little afraid of what’s to come. But here’s my plan: get on one of the trucks that’s going around the city, and throw water on people and expect to get thoroughly soaked. A group of young people are going out from my church around 10am on Thursday. I’ll let you know how it goes, but I won’t be able to post any pictures. I’d rather not have my camera soaked. In the mean time, I’ll try to learn more about this festival. At school tomorrow (our last day before a week off – due to song khran) we will have yet another special session. Guess the topic. At least I’ll be more informed about song khran.

“Preparing” for song khran is important apparently. Here were some suggestions given to us farang at the language school:
1. Stock your house with food, so that when you do go out, you can have fun and not get soaked while you’re out eating, getting groceries, or doing other errands. [Forget preparing for the bird flu pandemic that could happen. Get ready for surviving song khran. (this is my own note, not what was written)]
2. If you’re going to take revenge on the teachers [they gave us students a special ‘present’ last Friday] please do it outside.
3. You can dress casually on Wednesday. It’s suggested that you wear a bright coloured shirt with flowers on it or little children playing on it.

The third suggestion is what I’ll expand on here. I have no idea why these shirts are so popular, but they are. I’ve only ever seen them/noticed them in Lopburi and when I first arrived and saw them I think I swore that I would never buy one of those, let alone wear one. However, I’m faced with a dilema. Do I cave in, buy one, wear it and blend in a little bit more in the crowd? Or do I resist and stick out worse than a sore thumb? Stay tuned to find out…

3 thoughts on ““It’s coming…”

  1. Dear Beth,I did buy one of these shirts and and wore it to the King Nurai festival. I also bought one for my husband. It wasnt so bad and it was also a good souvenier.I am enjoying your posts.love, helen henry


  2. It’s true – it could make a good souvenir. And some of them are much nicer than other ones. I ended up not buying one, but it wasn’t because I didn’t try. I discovered that Thai people like/love wearing them because they’re ‘sanook’ (there’s that word again for you Jess) (it means ‘fun’) and playful. Not all Thai people wear them over Songkran so I didn’t stand out any more than normal. But I will at least get a picture of one and post it…


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