language blunder

This language blunder happened on Wednesday and I thought you’d get a good laugh out of it. I was at the restaurant across the street from my language school (Raan Jum) and was ordering some food to take back to eat in the school , although normally I eat at the restaurant. I ordered the food and then I intended to ask for a Pepsi in a bag with ice (which is how you buy a drink if you’re taking it away with you – you don’t keep the bottle). What actually came out of my mouth in Thai was this “I want a Pepsi in a bag with cheese.” With cheese!!

You may be wondering how I could make this mistake. In Thai, the word for ice is ‘naam khang’ (literal translation is ‘water hard’) and the word for cheese is ‘nuh-ee khang’ (literally ‘butter hard’). I’m not quite sure why I said cheese instead of ice – as soon as it came out of my mouth I knew what I’d said was not really what I’d wanted to say. It was so funny though. The guys at the restuarant had a good laugh too.

2 thoughts on “language blunder

  1. Happy Easter Beth! I like the Pepsi with cheese story. Perhaps you were really subconsciously wanting some cheese…and that’s what came out. Just a theory! : )


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