“Swimming or playing is seriously prohibited”

I should mention that this was only for this particular spot – not where we ended up swimming. However, when we first got the the waterfalls, we read this sign and were initially a bit confused. There was another sign later on that read “Deep water kills drunkers.” A valid point indeed…

4 thoughts on ““Swimming or playing is seriously prohibited”

  1. Oh man! I love those signs!!!! I read one once that was on a trail by some waterfalls…it said “slippering when wet”, and it had an amazing little painting of a dude slippering.


  2. Hi Kim… English signs here can be pretty funny. Have you checked out the t-shirts at Big C or Lotus or Carre Four? They’ll give you a good laugh. Paul (Henry) has one about forbidding camping or something. Another friend of mine bought one at Big C that said something like “Winner of Misisipi spelling bee.”


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