opportunity to be humbled – again

As I write this, I have just finished my first class of the day, having been gently, but firmly, told that I did a cultural faux pas. What else is new? The reason why it came up in class was because I was telling my teacher about something that happened on the evening I was heading up to Chiang Mai a few weeks ago. What I would do in Canada is not necessarily okay here and in this case it was quite impolite. At the time the faux pas occurred, I had thought that it might not be the right thing to do but… without going into details… it was a more convenient and comfortable solution for me. Yeah, I know – pretty selfish to think of my comfort and convenience. Time and time again I’m reminded how I need to change in so many areas of my life – what a struggle though.

So I left my class very humbled and embarrassed. It’s actually really good that my teacher told me what I did was wrong. In many ways that was very un-Thai of her but I think because she’s a Christian and she knows that I need to learn about Thai culture, she politely told me what I should’ve done – what I should do in the future, should a similar situation arise.

3 thoughts on “opportunity to be humbled – again

  1. Beth…i can’t imagine the mind meld that needs to take place to live in a nation so different from ours. like you said, it’s a good thing that she told you so that you know for the future. don’t be embarassed! these things are bound to happen for years. love you! i’ll see you next year!


  2. Humbleness continues for me too! I was at an ice-cream shop this week and didn’t want a cone, so I thought I remembered the special word they use for a small plastic cup for ice-cream. Instead I asked for a ball. “Do you have a ball?” No wonder the clerk looked disturbed when I asked her. Good thing it wasn’t a male clerk. Anyway, i got my coffee ice-cream in a “poe” (pot) and left ASAP. Embarrassing! Lord have mercy!Jen


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