overview of Chiang Mai

I’m back from Chiang Mai. Maybe you didn’t know I even gone. Ah well. I went up for a reunion for my field and was able to meet up with several friends before and after the reunion. Pretty much throughout the entire time away I was encouraged. Through talking with old friends, new friends, random people I met on the street, reading the Word of God, praying, listening to sermons (and the list goes on)… the Lord lifted me out of the miry clay and set my feet upon a Rock. Interspersed amongst the encouragement were definitely some challenges and convictions. But the end result was/is good – drawing me closer to God. So praise God for all these things!

I’m incredibly thankful for meeting up with people like Jen (see picture posted yesterday) and J and D, and the Y family, L and D, and the A family and having the conversations that I had with all of them and many others. Being able to share about really challenging things – to be transparent and accepted and loved. To hear what the Lord’s been teaching them and the wisdom that He’s given them about particular situations – to learn from them and for the Lord to speak through them to me. To hear other perspectives on particular topics. To drink good coffee and eat lamb, along with great conversation (drinking good coffee and eating lamb were on two separate occasions). To find out about a good hair dresser in Chiang Mai (have I told you about my hair cut from hell in Lopburi and how I tried to “fix” it?). And I’m also thankful for some good hugs from various people – it’s amazing how few hugs I’ve had this year. Why is that? YWAM was/is such a huggy environment, and my family are huggy people, so it’s been strange to not have that here. I thank the Lord for those hugs.

I arrived back in Lopburi on Monday evening (now I know that I much prefer to travel on the night train, as opposed to the day train) and was fairly exhausted. This week has been interesting so far. I’m determined to not fall back into the same routine but to live out the changes that the Lord has lead me to make. Pray for me about this.

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