How did I miss it?!

I’m so disappointed. I received an e-mail from a friend last night who informed me that the Amazing Race had been through Lopburi! When did that happen? She wanted to know if I knew about it. No!! Lopburi’s not a big place – well, not that big a place and I would’ve thought that the Thai people would’ve been all over this American show in town.

I don’t really know what I would’ve done had I known that they were here. Would I have hung out around the monkey temple to watch some guys eat a bowlful of crickets? Would I have been convinced to help the participants get around town? Are there any celebrities (like Rob and Amber – can I count them as celebrities? – like last year? If there are, would I have been one of those individuals who’d notice them and then say something dumb like “oh, you’re so and so… let me help you because you’re famous…?” Yeah, I don’t really know what I would’ve done had I known that the Amazing Race passed through town. But I am disappointed that I only just found out. I don’t know how ahead of time they film the show but I’m sure it was at some point in the last 9 months. Kind of disappointing that I can’t see the episode. Oh well.

They should’ve made them eat a bowlful of cockroaches. Or made them walk around the monkey temple several times with bags of food. 🙂 No… maybe that’s just cruel… Sorry.

Can anybody tell me how they left Lopburi? What kind of transportation?

3 thoughts on “How did I miss it?!

  1. Well, they got into Lop Buri on the bus (they left from the MoChit station in Bangkok), and then I believe they left Lop Buri by taxi because they all left at separate times. I can’t really remember where they went after they left there, but I know their pit stop was at the marble temple in Bangkok. So lame that you didn’t see them! It would have been funny to see you, the farang surrounded by Khon Thai, in the background watching their every move.


  2. Left Lopburi by taxi? Weird. As you well know Jess, there are no taxis in Lopburi – except motorcycle taxis. Oh well. They probably had a few come up from Bangkok.


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