learning not "on hold" any longer

I’ve had “learning to play the guitar” listed under my interests on my Blogger profile page for a while. But the truth is, since I left Canada, that learning has been “put on hold” – ie. I didn’t have a guitar in my house. All that has changed now. A few weeks ago, I bought a guitar with some Christmas money I still had. Talk about a late Christmas present. I’m even taking some group lessons. Faye recently bought one as well and last night we practiced/played for hours together – it was so fun! We don’t know much and so I’m not sure if our neighbours are appreciative of our long practice sessions, but I’m happy to be at it again. The fingers on my left hand are numb, and my right arm aches from ??? I have no idea why. The guy at the sports/music shop told Faye today, when she went to buy a capo, that the numbness in her fingertips will go away in a month.

2 thoughts on “learning not "on hold" any longer

  1. How exciting! This is on my summer “to do” list (learning to play the guitar, that is) and it might actually get done this year since I won’t have to work! Yay! Blisters and numbness here I come 🙂P.S. Did you get my email, Beth? About knitting, coffee, and other stuff…?


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