going on a ‘tea-ow’…

I’ve packed my bag. Made myself a sandwich for breakfast. Filled my nalgene bottle with water. Faye and I brought our bikes in. And I’ve set my alarm for 2:30am. That’s right 2:30am. I’m going on a ‘tea-ow’ with my cell group from church. This is my first longish tea-ow with Thai people. We’re heading to Koh Samet for a couple of days (25th-27th). But we’re staying on the mainland… somewhere. The details are very hazy and I have a feeling I’m going to be very tired. But I’m looking forward to getting to know my brothers and sisters in Christ a bit better. I’m happy that somebody else has organized this and I just need to get in the van and hang out over the next few days.

Please pray!! I am already tired and communicating all the time in Thai is exhausting – still. So pray that the Lord would give me energy and a humble spirit over these next few days….. Come to think of it, not just these next few days but that’s a good prayer request in general for me.

5 thoughts on “going on a ‘tea-ow’…

  1. What exactly is a “tea-ow”? i do hope you have a good time. keep going sister and press into Jesus as he is your source of strength, joy and humility. Love ya~


  2. A “tea-ow” is a fun outing. It can simply be a trip to Big C, or to a local water fall for the day or it could be a trip to somewhere for a couple days. But there should be that important element of “sanook” (fun). While on ‘tea-ow’, you can apparently go on a tea-ow as well. For instance: when we arrived we couldn’t check in to the house yet because we were there too early – so we went on a tea-ow to a local travelling market. Or yesterday, when we went to the island, the guy driving the speedboat threw in a tea-ow (included in the cost of the boat ride) to a place where they have fish and turtles and other sea creatures that you can look at. Random.Also, when we were playing cards yesterday the others kept saying in Thai “by tea-ow” (go on a ‘tea-ow’). I’m not sure why… So apparently there are many ways to use this phrase.Thanks Une Amie and Jess


  3. loving the new blog designvery prettythough finding it a bit difficult to read but that could just be this computer.Hope the te-ow was fun will chat soon to find out all the goss.Claire


  4. Hey Claire,I’ll play with the colour of the font when I have a bit of time… Or when I am procrastinating – let’s be honest. I’ll talk to you soon and fill you in with all the “goss.” Have you had a bush yet today?


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