this last week’s guitar lesson

I’m not the only one learning to play the guitar. Caroline and Faye have also been learning and here we all are with our teacher, Vincent. We are progressing… slowly.

If you’re wondering why Vincent and Caroline have teeny, tiny guitars (I know I wondered!), it’s because they wanted to have something they could easily travel with. I think that’s the main reason. Caroline reckons the Sports/Music store where all of us students bought our guitars at should give her a commission. She was the one who discovered the place and told Faye and me about it.

One thought on “this last week’s guitar lesson

  1. So have you decided on a new blog format? I liked the pink with flowers. I like more colour!Glad to hear your “sortie” (outing) went well and that friendships deepened. That’s one thing I feel I missed out on here, real friendships with French people. God bless!


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