opening of first Christian bookstore in Lopburi

This last Saturday afternoon was an important day in Lopburi. Phii Mong (sitting on chair in front, on the left) opened up the first Christian bookstore in this city. Can you imagine? If people in this area wanted to buy a Bible, they’d either have to travel several hours north to Nakhon Sawan, or a few hours south to Bangkok. Not only is this place a Christian bookstore, but it’s also a milk bar/cafe.

May the Lord bless Phii Mong and his work for the Lord. And may God use Phii Mong and his shop to reach out to others in his community and bring glory to God. Amen.

5 thoughts on “opening of first Christian bookstore in Lopburi

  1. These instructions may sound strange to those of you not living (or who have never lived) in Lopburi. Here goes…As you’re heading from the candle circle to the monkey circle, it’ll be on a sooy to your left that is just past a klong and before the last bridge for people before the monkey circle. (It’s the second sooy after the street that the number 1 blue song theaw comes out on (on to the busy road).) So turn left on that sooy and it’ll be on the left hand side of the road, about 5 or so businesses/houses in. There is a small garden in front of it, and a large red cross on the door.


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