in Thailand, what do the following things have in common?

A swimsuit,
a wedding dress,
a maternity dress,
and a meal deal from KFC, McDonald’s or any fast food restaurant.

[Added Note:
Thank you to the two of you who so kindly participated in this little quiz. It looks like no one else wants to contribute anything. LL from TV guessed the closest to the answer so she will receive a special prize in the mail. LL, you may have to wait for several weeks or months. It’s hard to say how fast it’ll reach yoou.

All of these items mentioned above use the same classifier and are all the same word in Thai, with a descriptive word coming after it. “Chut” (high tone) means ‘outfit’ and all of the above are outfits of various kinds.

Thanks for playing.]

6 thoughts on “in Thailand, what do the following things have in common?

  1. Hmmm, I’m not sure Beth. Are they all sold in the same market? Can you order them online and have them delivered? Or are they all “Western” imports?


  2. I bet they’re all the same word just different tones,right? I love visiting your blog Beth, I feel like I’ve just had a visit with you. The random info on Thailand is really cool too!


  3. Jen, I hadn’t heard about the elephants playing soccer in Ayutthaya. It was in the Bangkok Post actually. In case others want to see, the full address is: LL in TV! You have made the closest guess so far but it’s not quite right. Almost there though. 🙂 I wish I could have a real visit with you!!! Please say hi to RL and SL for me. 🙂


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