“yift dye meh may”

My meeting in Chiang Mai went well. So thank you to those of you who were praying. I was very happy to be able to be there and I’m very excited about the larger meeting next month.

Anyway, I met some interesting but kind people as I travelled. I was able to practice some of my Norwegian (okay, truthfully I only know a few words/phrases and only a third of those words/phrases were appropriate to use), my Thai (go figure), and learn a bit more about Japan. So I thank the Lord for these friendly travelling companions. The snorer, in the bunk bed next to mine on the train, was a little trying, but I got over my initial frustration and still managed to get some decent sleep. I usually bring earplugs with me on the train (when I’m on the night train) but Murphy’s Law applies here. It seems that when I have them I don’t need them and when I don’t have them, I really wish that I had them.

Thank you for your prayers.

3 thoughts on ““yift dye meh may”

  1. Nice international theme. My team here is such a mix of nationalities, sometimes I’m not sure what language to speak. Just finished off a BIG bowl of coffee ice-cream, with real coffee beans. BUZZZZZZ! Closest thing I can get to a Tim’s Iced Cap. JenPS The Murphy’s law applies to me too, esp with ear plugs, kleenex, and bandaids.


  2. happy Birthday!Murphy’s Law…isnt that the way the Lord keeps us flexible? At least that is what I tell myself when the “expected”/i.e., unexpected happensGlad the trip went well.helen henry


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