not sure

This evening I was asked, “So, how many days do you have left [in Lopburi]?” To be honest, I haven’t been counting days. I had been counting weeks at one point but kind of forgot about it and then tonight just realized I only have four weeks left. Not much time remaining in this sleepy little city. I’m going to miss Lopburi. Although it’s the hottest place that I’ve ever lived (and I think the hottest place in all of Thailand), its people are friendly, its food is tasty, its festivals are fun and the rains bring a short period of relief from the heat.

I had one of the most embarrassing experiences in my life today. I think I have been embarrassed more in this last year than I have in all the rest of the years of my life combined. This last time was BY FAR the worst though. Ugh… I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to share about it, or leave it for one of my ‘stories from the field’ when I visit Canada. I’m still not sure. Let me post this and I’ll continuing deciding whether to tell all or not.

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