nothing abnormal happening during rainy season

It’s rainy season now in Thailand – did you know that? Contrary to what I had originally thought about rainy season, it doesn’t rain everyday and when it does rain, it usually starts mid to late afternoon and may or may not stop in the evening. But come morning, all you’ll see are puddles and the sun shining out from behind some clouds.

I’m going to be moving soon – did you know that? I’m planning on taking a night train up to Chiang Mai, for the first part of the move to Mae Hong Son. My bags and boxes will also be on board this train, although not in the same car that I’ll be in.

Train tracks in Thailand can be flooded out – did you know that? What they may do is take you so far on the train, then make you get out at a certain spot and bus you to the other side of the tracks, or take you most of the way and then bus you to Chiang Mai the rest of the way. It all depends, of course, on where the track is flooded over or washed away. And they may reduce the number of trains that are running.

Please pray about this as I anticipate moving on the night of the 18th. Pray that I, along with all my things, will arrive safely in Chiang Mai.

Last year, Chiang Mai, as well as several other areas in Mae Hong Son province and other provinces, had some very bad flooding. Some areas of Chiang Mai have already had some problems. Please pray about this too.

Thank you!

[Note: I guess I should mention that it rains like this in Lopburi – I think it’s different up north. I know they get a lot more rain than Lopburi does.

I should also mention that the train track has already been fixed although if there is a lot more rain, then it could be damaged again before my move. But then it could also be fixed very quickly again.]

4 thoughts on “nothing abnormal happening during rainy season

  1. Dear Beth,I read your blog on a regular basis. Faye David and my daughter went to school together in Round Rock so I am very interested in both of you and your ministry in Thailand. Also, one of my neighbors is a Thai woman and we have become “sidewalk friends”. We both walk our dogs at the same time. I will be praying for both you and for Faye as you make your next move. Christ be with you.–Claudia


  2. Dear Beth,No, I am not Betsy’s mom, but I know Judy and Betsy. Betsy, Faye, and my daughter, Jessica, were friends in junior high school. When the girls got to high school Betsy and Faye were on the dance team, and Jessica was on the gymnastics team. So, I am afraid the friendship grew apart. However, I have always been interested in the girls in Jessica’s graduating class and have tried to keep up with their grown-up lives. I will keep you and Faye in my prayers as you move to the village. Our family is going through some dramatic challenges right now so I will ask for your prayers too. Best wishes,Claudia


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