gecko dancing

Last night there was a birthday party for the pastor of the church that I go to here. She had lots of “phii-noong” (brothers and sisters or friends – older and younger than she is) come and eat rice together (as well as other food but in Thai you talk about eating rice together), play some Dutch Blitz (this church has some Dutch Blitz fanatics!!) and other games and sing some songs together.

When Thai people play group games, they like to give a ‘punishment’ to the losers of the game. Last night we played a game where we formed a circle and many cards with pictures on one side were overturned. We had to go and grab one and then wait, but we couldn’t yet show it to anyone else. And then when we were given the signal, we were to find someone else with the same picture that was on our card. If you couldn’t find a partner, you lost. I lost 2 of the 2 times we played last night but there were about 12 losers each game so it wasn’t too bad. Our punishment? We had to dance. Not just any dance though. A poll was taken and our audience could choose between Thai dancing, gecko dancing or lizard dancing. There were specific actions (or dance steps) for each dance I suppose, but the audience choose the gecko dance for the first game and the lizard dance for the second game. I was explaining this game to one of my teachers at school today and she immediately started singing the little song that accompianied one of the dances. Too funny!

This is just another example of how much Thai people like having ‘sanook’ (fun).

3 thoughts on “gecko dancing

  1. Beth…that sounds like so much fun! Only 4 months until I come out!!! Can’t believe it! So, did you buy your bike in Lop Buri? You’ll have to brief me on all these little things.


  2. What!? No pictures of Beth doing the Gecko? How disapointing. Maybe next time?I just got back to my parents after the August long weekend on a houseboat with 22 family members. I’m exhausted, have a cold and a peeling sunburn, but had a GREAT time. Now I’m hiding in the basement because its over 36 C.


  3. Hey Jess! Only 4 months!!??!! Wow! Can’t wait to see you again! I did buy my bike in Lopburi although you can get nicer ones than the one I got.Jen, I wish I could hide out in a basement. Actually it hasn’t been that hot here. I never look at a thermometer so I couldn’t even tell you what “hot” or “not hot” is but that’s all that crosses my mind while I’m here. Now… there’s a nice breeze and it’s “not hot.”I think you’ll have to visit me in Thailand in order to see the gecko dance. It’s more likely that I’ll never do the gecko or lizard dance again. Perhaps ‘punishments’ for games up north are different. Maybe they make you eat a gecko… or not. Mabye they’ll make me eat some horrible thing like chocolate or lemon maraigne pie… Horrible punishment indeed (maybe for them). 🙂


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