Mogie, Doyo and little Iveel (Munkh-Iveel)

Mogie, Doyo and little Iveel (Munkh-Iveel)
My friends Mogie and Doyo had their first baby (a boy!) this Monday at 4:45pm. Little Iveel weighed 2.8 kg when he was born and, as you can see, his parents are ecstatic, although tired.

Mogie and Doyo are from Mongolia and last year arrived in Lopburi, as Doyo had been presented with the opportunity to teach english at a school here. They’ve had a bit of a hard time adjusting to Thailand and they miss Mongolia VERY much but the Lord continues to help them – providing both people and whatever else they need. Mogie and Doyo have also been faithfully praying for me! Please pray for them and their first born!

One thought on “Mogie, Doyo and little Iveel (Munkh-Iveel)

  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Mogie and Doyo on their new litte one! and thank you for posting these pics. Please give them my love.helen henry


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